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Our employees loved the massages as an acknowledgement of their extra support at the Autism convention this year. The manager particularly noticed how moral was raised and you were great with them. We will sure contact you again!

Keturi – UNT Kristin Flowers Autism Center  7/15

Thanks for the follow up Larry.  I am feeling better.  The issues with my back are a lot better after my first session with you.

Jay -Denton, TX  8/15

For the past decade, over a third of my life, constant and chronic headaches have plagued my days and stolen my quality of life. My parents exhausted all options. Since coming to Larry and having exhausted all options known to us, I’ve experienced a level of relief that I have not experienced with other healthcare providers or treatment…I’ve tried them all.  He is the go to guy if you are experiencing pain, especially if it’s debilitating as mine was. Don’t put it off.

Eliscia H Graduate  Student UNT – Denton, TX

I came for a chair massage as a gift from my wife. Little did I know I would end up with more energy, down 17 lbs. in 2 months, and off my cholesterol medication.  You are a great motivator and support, something I haven’t gotten from my doctor. I’m serving my congregation with more joy and purpose. I’m glad you are getting lots of great testimonials. Thank you!

Larry N – Corinth, TX

Thank you Larry for helping me with my frozen shoulder. I’m amazed after one session I can put my coat on without help.

Julie D – Denton, TX

Two years ago I was seeing an orthopedist for numerous bone issues. I did have two series of three
injections of Synevic into my right knee. I was told that I had bone on bone and that if the pain
continued the next step would be knee replacement surgery. (That was the knee I had broken about 20 years ago). When I walked the dog, it was very painful, even the Synevic injections did not alleviate all of the pain. (I am 72 years old.) My nephew started me on the Shaklee Osteomatrix and Joint Relief
supplements and I have continued with them. In addition, it has strengthened my lower back and I
have better posture and back strength. I can walk the dog for an hour or more without any noticeable problems.
Treva Allen, Houston, TX

That was an awesome healing session last time…
Ur my chosen Healer…a gift from God …
The ONE I see to have my vessel free ;) and it’s working ;) I can play harder, run faster, jump higher, and giggle unabashedly knowing your hands, heart and soul r never too far away…

Thank you for that.

Maria B – McKinney, TX

I am feeling much better. Thanks!  My shoulder is feeling a lot better and I can actually move and use it.            Kristyn A           Denton, TX

That was a good session. You have the strength to get down into some of those hard to get to spots.   Bruce H. Denton, TX

I liked the work Larry did. It wasn’t what I was expecting and it’s probably the deepest massage I’ve had, but I knew it would be worth it. I had more motion in my neck the next day than I’ve had in months. Also, I was able to finish my entire run (5 miles) the next day which I haven’t been able to do for about the past month.        Melissa, Denton TX


I met with Carrie, Jose and Makenzie last night based on creating a new relationship with all of them, especially Carrie.  I will look forward to sharing this new creation with you.  We had a tremendously dynamic Forum up here.  Many new blessings were realized during this weekend and it’s only the BEGINNING!  It will be so nice to be with you, this side of the FORUM!!  By the way, I have lost 50# on the Cinch program! See you tonight.

JoAnn M. Denton, TX

When Amy James announced last fall that she was leaving Denton, I was very disappointed, from a selfish point of view.  Her Rolfing sessions had given me considerable pain relief. I have degenerative disk disease and arthritis,  complicated by three consecutive fusions in my lower neck.  I have lived with considerable pain and discomfort for many years, seeking relief from chiropractic, rolfing, and any other treatments, therapies and techniques that held promise.  Nothing really worked very well for very long, but Amy’s work  was better than any other I had experienced.  When Amy told me that Larry Cleveland was taking their location, I had them do a combined session with me, before Amy left.  Since then, I have been very happy with Larry’s  work.  He uses a combination of deep tissue and massage techniques, some of them similar to Amy’s work, which have actually worked for me better than anything I’ve tried.  His neck and head work is more comprehensive than any I have ever received from a single practitioner and more effective.  If you haven’t given Larry a try, do yourself a favor and let him have the opportunity to treat you
Dan F. Denton, Texas

“I wouldn’t call a visit with Larry a trip to the day spa. The work Larry does on you is truly therapeutic massage. He was engaging and helped me become a lot more aware of how my body should be aligned and how much strain my muscles had been suffering just from everyday living activities. I went in for pain in my feet and came out with tension relief all the way up from my feet through my hips, back, shoulders, neck, and head. I appreciate how Larry not only focuses on just the complaint area but studies how it could be affecting the rest of your body as well and you may not even have realized it. He even showed me how to do some muscle strengthening exercises — he is truly a therapist and a wellness coach!” —              Ann, Denton, TX

Thanks for all your friendship, concern and encouragement. You are a good heart.

Tom F, Flower Mound, TX
My pain from over doing a workout at my club with my personal trainer was getting in the way of doing my job as a teacher. I found Larry and in one session, I was back to normal. Whatever he did worked for me!
Carry A, Carrollton, TX

You’re definitely in the right field! From my experience, regarding massage skills, people either (naturally) have them or they don’t — you can learn/improve techniques, but not everyone has a natural inclination for it, and you definitely do. I’ve been told I’m pretty good, but I would love to be at your skill level.

I’ll tell Heidi you said “hi”. I called her as soon as I left to let her know how wonderful it was. She was very excited. :)

Darby B, Denton, TX

I’ve been operated on 4 times, gone from doctor to doctor, be cracked and popped, taken a variety of pain pills to help my back to where I could at least sleep at night. In one session, I’m amazed at how good I feel, though I know there is more to go. I’m so glad I found you and I’ll tell all my doctors!

Dan S, Denton, TX

I can’t thank you enough for how you have helped my husband, Don. We have tried everything and got no help but the usual pain medication. Since you seen him, our quality of life has improved and we enjoy things much more because he isn’t preoccupied with pain or under the influence of pain medications. I’m amazed at what you have done for him!

Paula S, Denton, TX

My 25 year old daughter started having headaches 3 years ago…she wakes up with them. She is on a powerful migraine drug. She came to you with a full blown migraine and you gave her so much relief. Thank you for making the connection to her posture and years of playing the flute. For years was turning looking to the left at the conductor and didn’t realize the pain could show up years later. You are so blessed to be able to go to a job where you can make a difference.

Stella B, Corinth, TX

A few years ago I severely injured my thumb trying to catch a football. After a few weeks of pain, I thought it was healed. The pain began returning occasionally until it persisted long enough to begin effecting my work and playing my bass guitar. About 3 months ago Larry worked, not on the symptoms but on the source of the problem: my forearm, for approximately 15 minutes, and described some of the underlying problems he could feel as he worked. I have been pain free in my thumb ever since.

Garret Haynes, Musician Argyle, TX

I recommend everyone to see Larry. I was in a lot of pain and could not turn my head to the left due to a very intense muscle spasm. I did not want to go to the doctor because I did not want the problem masked with pain pills and muscle relaxers so I was driving back from the post office one day and saw Natural Balance and thought I would give it a shot. Larry was very friendly and was able to squeeze me into his very busy schedule that same day. His technique was very thorough and intense. When I walked out of there I could actually turn my head to the left without any pain. I did not have that uncomfortable, irritable feeling from the spasms and though I was a little sore the next day I am completely healed! Larry has a true gift for this and I am blessed to have met him! I am even sending my husband to him!.

Kerbi, Denton, TX

Larry, I’ve lost 10 lbs so far.  I’m staying on the shake diet for a while to try and lose some more.  I don’t have any of the cleanse left, so I can’t do that anymore.  All in all, I feel good.  Rachel seems to have enjoyed the energy it’s given her more.  She has a ton more energy.  We’ll see you Sunday!Chris R, Denton, TX

I have never had the follow-up on any massage with the professionalism and concern in past appointments. I am feeling much better after my appointment with you this morning.  My back still has some pain, but as a whole I am feeling much more relaxed as a whole.  Most needed would be a healthy weekly routine of exercise….  Still working on this.Natalie W. Denton, TX

Thanks for the kind follow up on the session. I am a little sore but it’s not too bad. Thanks for the work it was excellent!

B.Gross Denton, TX

What I have accomplished is having found a system that works for me and my lifestyle: is simple, produces results I want (lost 15 pounds, have 15 more to go), easy to use.  Being confident, inspired and inspiring, being true to my spirit. Being free and comfortable in my skin, being in action about my health and well-being.  Thanks for the opportunity of having this be present for me and sharing.

Cynthia M, Dallas, TX

Thought I would let you know that Mom is recovering really well, much better than her last surgery! And, the surgeon was very impressed with her weight loss and vital signs for her age. It’s still a long recovery, of course, but amazingly better than last time. Thank you for all you’ve done to contribute to better health this year by telling us about Shaklee.

Renae Bruce, Denton, TX


I just saw Shelby J, a long-time patient of mine, and she was really bragging about the great job you did on her massage.  Thanks

Vence B, Corinth, TX


This is a video of David, Lyme Disease patient who tended to lean to the left when he walked. When he would walk, he would have to sort of hike his left hip to move his leg. Also, he couldn’t stand still on one place without the sensation of leaning to the left. This was after one session of Jin Shin Jyutsu and some Myoskeletal Alignment work.