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Relaxation Massage

Relaxation Massage


This smoothly flowing full body massage will have you floating home like a jellyfish.The relaxation massage combines a Swedish style with the some of the same techniques as the deep tissue massage.If stress is an issue in your life, relaxing massage takes you from the “fight or flight” mode to peaceful place where you feel rejuvenated. The nervous system has two parts. The parasympathetic and the sympathetic. Many illnesses start from the sympathetic (fight or flight) stimulation. Massage helps to relieve this in one session. Then, you can learn stress reduction techniques.By having regular bodywork and practicing stress reduction techniques, you can be at your best a greater percent of the time.  When we are relaxed, our creativity is highest. We feel more “ourselves” vs. being at the effect of everything around us. We can become the eye of the hurricane. Natural Balance Massage Denton Texas
Rather than problem solving, the emphasis is on transporting you to a more relaxed and yielding state of mind and body.It is not recommended to receive this massage before a test or other important function that requires alert attention!

Relaxation Massage – $60 an hour
Up to two hours – $1 each extra minute