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Myoskeletal Alignment



Myoskeletal Alignment (corrective massage)


Mobilizing Joints Through Muscle Manipulation from
Erik Dalton, Ph.D. Certified Rolfer

The Myoskeletal Alignment (corrective massage) Technique  was developed by Erik Dalton, PhD Certified Advanced Rolfer as a tool to help relieve our nation’s neck/ back pain epidemic.

By incorporating muscle-balancing techniques with joint-mobilization maneuvers, clients experience a correction of the dysfunctional strain patterns before they become pain patterns. This allows for long lasting improvement and less frequent visits. 

Ultimately, for long-lasting relief of chronic neck/back pain, the Myoskeletal Alignment (corrective massage) Technique system works to achieve these goals:

  • balancing the head on the neck
  • balancing the neck on the shoulders
  • balancing the shoulder girdle on the rib cage
  • balancing the pelvis on the femurs
  • restoring pain-free movement

Most massage techniques focus on muscle. We focus on what gives the muscle its ability to lengthen. By working with joint mobilization, connective tissue or fascia, and ligaments, you can have a shape change. The planes of fascia running through the body give your body its shape. For example, if your shoulders are forward, this shortening of connective tissue in the front can create pain in the shoulder muscles. You then may think the problem is in your shoulder muscles, but in fact, the source of the problem is the fascia in the front ribs where the pectoral (breast) muscles attach. The tight pecs pull the shoulders forward.  Structural massage in Myoskeletal Alignment (corrective massage) work also combines strengthening weak or inhibited muscles through simple exercises. In the example above, the muscle between the shoulder blades are typically weak and the pecs in the front over power these. Strengthening the muscles between the shoulders can help bring the shoulders back, thus releasing pain.

“My 25 year old daughter started having headaches 3 years ago…she wakes up with them. She is on a powerful migraine drug. She came to you with a full blown migraine and you gave her so much relief. Thank you for making the connection to her posture and years of playing the flute. For years was turning looking to the left at the conductor and didn’t realize the pain could show up years later.”

Stella B, Corinth, TX


In the presence vertebral dysfunction, palpable fourth layer fibrosis is found, always.

Dr. Phillip Greenwood