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  • Parkinson’s Story

    Posted on October 25, 2014 by in Parkinson's

    Brain diseases are becoming a problem for families as well as the health care system. We are living longer but our brain is not a match for our life span. Here is a story about on such patient who did something about his brain health.

    Below is a story about my husband and his experience to date on Vivix, Shaklee’s cellular anti-aging tonic. He has been on Shaklee supplements since 2001, but we have seen the most change since starting Vivix August 2008. The improvements became noticeable within 2 months.

    Before Vivix, our goal was to keep him as healthy as possible so his body only needed to deal with Parkinson’s. Since Vivix, our goal has changed to repairing his DNA, reducing his symptoms and his medications; then use his personal experience to help others. I often reflect on why God put Shaklee in my path – and it’s times like this when I hear the answer.


    Chuck is 80, I am 60; we’ve been married 26 years, have a blended family of 6 children and 16 grandchildren. He is my partner and the love of my life.

    When you hear Parkinson’s you may think of Michael J. Fox, or the former Pope, who lived with Parkinson’s for many, many years. Chuck has a very positive attitude about his PD, he figures something would eventually get him, and it could be worse.

    Some Parkinson’s symptoms are:

    • tremors in the hands and legs
    • slow walk, eventually becoming a shuffle
    • hunched posture
    • balance and coordination issues
    • dementia
    • impaired large and small muscle dexterity
    • speech problems
    • drooling
    • facial ‘mask’ – people with PD begin to lose their expression, have a quiet dullness about them, or as I refer to it, their lights go out

    At Shaklee’s 2008 International Conference, when Vivix, our new cellular anti-aging tonic, was announced, Dr. Jamie McManus, Director of Health Sciences at Shaklee, said people with diabetes, arthritis, heart disease and neurological diseases would have the most results. Well, you can imagine my cheer at that news!

    Chuck began taking Vivix immediately and has been faithful with it every day since.

    When asked how he feels today, he says he feels better but not sure exactly how. My report is that improvement has been happening continuously – and it is these things in life that mean the most! He’s back to:

    • laughing, smiling and making jokes
    • participating in group conversations
    • singing silly songs
    • he’s more engaged in life
    • our Chiropractor says his body is more flexible
    • we’ve been dancing again
    • the dementia that had set in has left
    • and best of all – when you look into his eyes, his lights are back on!


    Is Vivix making a difference in Chuck’s health and in our life together? You bet it is!

    Some people say Vivix is expensive. I say Vivix is priceless.

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