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Chair Massage


On site chair massage is available for office and special
occasions (conventions, wedding, parties, etc.)


10 minutes: $10

15 minutes: $15

20 minutes: $20

Free 15 minute session for organizer of the event!

NOTE: There is a three hour minimum time limit, please.

The Benefits of a Corporate Chair Massage

On-site chair massage is an upcoming long needed practice that is no longer just available at spas and medical offices. Chair massages are showing up at many types of off site locations such as offices, corporate events and even trade shows and the benefits are paying back ten-fold.

Chair massage therapy is a great way to reduce tension that can develop in workplace situations. The benefits achieved for the employees makes for a more productive work site, which in turn benefits the employer. Higher productivity means larger profits for the corporation.

Chair massage therapy can benefit an organization and its employees in many ways including physically, mentally, and financially.

Chair Massage Mental Benefits:

A corporate chair massage helps lower the stress in an employee’s life, which in turn reduces headaches, anxiety, and can give a sense of peace. Chair massage therapy triggers the release of endorphins and serotonin that aid in the relaxation response of the brain. Chair massage calms the nervous system and before a big board meeting or a sales presentation, it can make for a relaxed, confident image.

Physical Benefits of Chair Massage

In just one session, a massage can relieve pain, anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, increase attention, and stimulate the immune system. In multiple sessions, the benefits include all of that plus help with depression. In addition, employees with more intensive medical issues such as cerebral palsy, or those who have suffered from strokes, fibromyalgia, and injuries can reap benefits from chair massage. Employees who perform repetitive tasks throughout their workday such as typing, assembly line, even welding can benefit from chair massage. Chair massage helps alleviate many of the problems associated with repetitive movement.

Financial Benefits of Corporate Chair Massage Services

It only makes sense that a happy employee is a productive employee. Chair massage is affordable for any company to incorporate into their employee incentive package. It requires little down time, it is convenient, does not require any special location to be performed in, produces immediate results, and it is enjoyable. It gives your employees another great reason to get out of bed and go to work. With the enhanced productivity and mental and physical well being, the company morale goes up, absenteeism goes down, and turnover becomes a thing of the past. Not only that, your employees actually know you care about their well-being.

In looking at the benefits achieved from utilizing chair massage as part of an employee incentive, it is simple to see why many big corporations utilizing onsite chair massage retain a loyal work force.