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Safely & Respectfully Bringing Balance to Every Body

Do you want to feel like you are in the hands of a compassionate seasoned bodyworker sensitive your needs for feeling safe and secure? Do you want be in a warm and inviting environment where your well-being is enhanced? Maybe others have been unable to provide what your particular needs are? You want to experience freedom and ease in your body you haven't felt for a long time. Welcome to Natural Balance Wellness & Body Work

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Larry Cleveland, LMT

I have been in the healing and bodywork profession since 1982. From the YMCA to the Denton Square, I've practiced massage in a variety of settings. Most of my clients find that my home office is comforting and love that it's in Oakmont Country Club Estates, a truly family oriented community. Maria, pictured here, helped me through a very tough time in 2009 when I almost lost my house. She practices Reiki and wellness coaching. My promise to you is miracles for your health & results beyond what you thought was possible.

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Client Satisfaction

"Larry is very professional, non-pretentious, and absolutely safe to be around. I leave alway feeling well taken care of and freer in my movement." Dorothy Kuhn,

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The pain from Trigeminal Neuritis (see my blog) has taken a back seat to my mom's life of church, regular group exercise, and outings when she can fit it in. She is able to drive, as well. Her health program consists of the above plus Shaklee Performance for her electrolytes, Shaklee Get Clean Water filter, 180 Smoothees (loaded because she needed to gain weight), VitaLea Gold, Optiflora Probiotic, Vitamin D, and Vivix. She stopped 2 of her meds and is taking one for TG that the doctor thought wouldn't work. May the miracles continue!

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Structural Enhancement (Corrective Massage)

Myoskeletal Alignment Technique MAT. This technique goes beyond rubbing muscle and getting knots out. It works with the connective tissue that determines the muscle length. You don't have to worry about knots if the body is in alignment structurally. MAT will let your muscles, ligaments, organs, and bones be where they are supposed to be naturally. The fascia is stronger than bones and is why when you leave the chiropractic office, your are back out of alignment and have to keep going back. We lengthen the fascia so when you do go to the chiropractor, you hold your adjustments longer and the benefits from our session last longer.

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Massage Therapy

Deep tissue massage is a type of massage therapy that focuses on realigning deeper layers of muscles and connective tissue. It is especially helpful for chronically tense and contracted areas such as stiff necks, low back tightness, and sore shoulders. Some of the same strokes are used as classic massage therapy, but the movement is slower and the pressure is deeper and concentrated on areas of tension and pain.

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Nutrition and Wellness Program

Simple and easy to follow wellness and nutrition programs to enhance your energy, ability to effectively deal with stress, or if you want to intervene into a particular chronic health issue. Wellness is a lifetime journey. We start you on simple changing to increase confidence and that produce more immediate results. The priority is customizing a plan that is right for you and fit your long term goals. We recommend starting with the Prove It Challenge then moving into the program we design. See link above.

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Diabetes Education and Lifestyle Management

Diabetes is now a world wide epidemic. It is a debilitating disease with complications that can turn into a lifetime of suffering if not managed. We provide individual and group Diabetes education. If you need support with preventing, managing, or possibly even reversing diabetes, our Licensed Dietitians can help. We accept Medicare, BCBC, United Healthcare and Aetna and others. Services are provided in the home, office or via Zoom room chat.

For the past decade, over a third of my life, constant and chronic headaches have plagued my days and stolen my quality of life. My parents exhausted all options. Since coming to Larry and having exhausted all options known to us, I've experienced a level of relief that I have not experienced with other healthcare providers or treatment...I've tried them all. He is the go to guy if you are experiencing pain, especially if it's debilitating as mine was. Don't put it off. Eliscia H Graduate Student UNT - Denton, TX